Providing Bank Access: Vectra Bank

How do I add a new user?

Login to your Vectra Online Banking Dashboard.  Select the Admin tab and click on Add a New User. Follow the prompts to assign a Login ID and temporary password, and to assign the security level and user access. Once you are done, the new user can login to Online Banking.

How do I entitle users?

Select the Admin tab to view a list of existing users. Select the user you wish to entitle by clicking on their name. Under User Access, select from the following options:

  • Full: The user will have read and write access for all existing and future accounts and services.
  • Custom: The user will have restricted access to certain accounts and services that you choose from the account entitlements settings, which will display on the next page if this option is selected.
  • None: The user will not have any access to accounts or services.

Note: If additional access is being granted to a user, the user may need to log out and back into Business Online Banking to see the change.

How do I reset user passwords or change user Login IDs?

Select the Admin tab to view a list of existing users. Select the user you wish to reset by clicking on their name.

  1. To reset the password, click on the Reset Password hyperlink. Enter and confirm the new temporary password before hitting the Submit button.
  2. To change a user Login ID, edit the text in the Login ID field and then click the Save and Continue button.

What is Dual Authorization?

Dual Authorization is an optional service that enables a company to require TWO business users to make entitlement changes or to approve certain transactions initiated by another user. This prohibits one person from changing access or moving money without a second person’s review.

How do I enroll in Dual Authorization?

To enable Dual Authorization go to your nearest branch to complete a Business Online Banking Application (or Addendum), or call Online Banking Support at 1-800-884-6725 Monday – Saturday, 7am – 8pm MT to request this service.